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Friday, April 18, 2014  
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Hyena Electrocutes A Chic With His Magic

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You know, I have been hearing of these electric gadgets Pastors use in Churches to perform miracles in the name of Holy Spirit. I never thought that Pastors can also go for Kiwaani! But its no wonder, fraud is every where. Those electric gargets are not a new thing to me.

I had already bought one and I had ever used it but not in Church like those Pastors do. I bought this electric garget for those big headed babes I used to bring to my ‘slaughter room’. You can imagine bringing a babe when you are on sure deal to drill some juice out of her but to your surprise she starts fooling you around with reasons that’s don’t make sense to you.

I could not bare such babes, so I bought that ‘ka-thing’ from a Dubai dealer. I first used it on that sexy Shania from MUK. This chic was so mean with her thighs. She would come to my house; flirt around only to tell me that she was in her periods. I remember one time I almost raped her but lost my hard on, on seeing her stained knickers.

She is the kind of chic with those succulent brown thighs that would make any guy melt.
At one time I went on my knees and started crying , while begging her for her honey pot till I was about to give up. I remember when she used to say, “Hyena, you think that you will shaft me like you always shaft those low life chics at Campus? You have to prove to me that you really love me”.

I assured her of my undying love but she refused to part her thighs for me.
One Sunday, this chic came as usual to expose her thighs. Good enough, she first called me and I was well prepared with my gadget, ready to bite. I tied it on my arm and I put on a long sleeve shirt. I was a very calm guy because I knew all my steps. I did not want to appear like a rapist. So I tricked her to bet if I can shaft her right now.

But she could not disclose that she wanted me. She had a bet of giving me her honey pot for a three hours shafting if I could put her down. Of course, I knew that this one was by my side since I had my little trick which she did not know. I started by telling her how I went to church and by demonstration, I showed her how pastor had chased those demons from people. I knew how to use my gadget and by a second, she was down shivering. At first she was unconscious but I waited her to regain her senses. I can not shaft any babe in her coma. When she was up, I told her as I had won the bet and she accepted to fulfill her plague.

I put her on a double bed mazongoto and with out wasting any more time (She could cancel her promises), I was all over her body caressing her boobs from top to bottom. I could see that she enjoyed every little bit of my movements. I had to excuse my self to go and pick my CDs but in actual sense, I had to hide that gadget. I couldn’t stand that embarrassment if she saw it. I quickly returned with my pack of CDs and I checked that smile on her face.

She asked me how I had managed to put her down. Who could reveal that secret? I could not. I pretended like I was also surprised that every thing happened like they had agreed by the bet. I could not hold any other second; I condomised my self for a hot session. I ordered her to direct my whopper where she wanted it. We shafted for an hour and she was the happiest babe that day. I asked her why she was avoiding me by pretending to be like a nun when she really wanted me. She confessed as she was also dieing to be in my arms but she wanted to give it a long time because she hated calling her “Easy Come.”

But I was so embarrassed that I had won her by using that gadget. I had to hide that ka-thing never to use it again. But when I read in newspapers that people were surprised that an electric gadget can be used in churches, I recalled how I knew that some time ago.
Till then, am yours truly Hyena.

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